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Individual Insurance

Helpucover is a trading style of Cardif Pinnacle, the UK insurance arm of BNP Paribas. offers a simple range of protection solutions for today’s complex lifestyles. Customers can purchase the following products via the website:

Product offering

Helpucover offers the following types of insurance:

Individual Cover:  Health Choices Cover; Sports Injury Insurance; Life Insurance

Personal Finance Cover:  Income Protection; Mortgage Protection; Lifestyle Protector; Accident & Sickness Insurance; Redundancy Insurance; Unemployment Insurance

Pet Cover:  Lifetime Pet Insurance; Cat Insurance; Dog Insurance; Rabbit Insurance

Personal Possession Cover:  Car Value Protector; Multi-Appliance Cover; Car Insurance; Home Insurance; Gadget and Mobile Phone Insurance

*Top three finalist in 2010, 2011 British Insurance Awards and shortlisted top three finalist in 2012 the Claims Awards.

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