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November 21, 2016 -

Follow the advices of our recruiters on Snapchat !

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What is Snapchat Recruitment Week?

Throughout the week, BNP Paribas recruiters who are coming from five different countries, will be ready to welcome you. They will show you the recruitment process, give you tips (how to update your LinkedIn profile, the best time to apply …), and will reveal you the secrets of a successful interview with the main expectations of a recruiter.

Finally, recruiters will suggest the participants to ask questions before getting started to highlight a job offer.

Discover the Snapchat recruitment week’s schedule:

  1. Monday 21th of November – Ryan, New-York / USA
  2. Tuesday
    22th of November – Johanna, London / UK 
  3. Wednesday 23th of November – Coralie et Benoît, Paris /
  4. Thursday
    24th of November – Cristina, Milan / Italy
  5. Friday 25th of November – Rebecca & Pooja, Chennai / India

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