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February 4, 2010 - ,

L’Atelier Reviews: Trends and appeal of social networking

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The usability and popularity of social networking shows no signs of slowing down. Young or old, for business or pleasure, this effective form of communication and information gathering is part of our everyday lives.

“Globally, time spent on social networks increased an average of 2.5 hours per month between December 2008 and December 2009, a growth of 82 percent year-over-year.”
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“social networking is becoming the number one activity on the Web in terms of time spent, averaging five-and-a-half hours per user per month…”
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“If you look deep into the social business movement you will see that we are on the brink of a fundamental change in the way businesses interact with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees…”
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“Baby Boomers … are cultivating their existing relationships and creating new ones at unique rates compared to other age groups.”
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