BNP Paribas UK UK CSR and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

What’s My Impact? is the cornerstone of our UK CSR and sustainability efforts: we have encouraged our staff and businesses to embed and integrate a positive mindset into their everyday routines and processes for example, by giving greater consideration to their carbon footprint or by donating their time to a good cause.

This project is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with every initiative mapped against specific goals. Be it phasing out single-use plastics (goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production), providing support and education at a local shelter for homeless women (goal 5 – Gender Equality) or getting staff involved in an expedition to the Arctic as part of carbon footprint reduction initiative (goal 13 – Climate Action), our aim is to ensure that our impact is targeted and measurable.

Engagement is key: many initiatives come directly from staff, who can get involved in projects they are passionate about or charities they love. We work in partnership with employees across the Group to make sure What’s My Impact? remains relevant, visible and successful.

Watch the video: What’s My Impact?