BNP Paribas UK Engagement

BNP Paribas UK is based in the City of Westminster, a London borough with a notable level of social imbalance – including an above-average rate of homelessness and one of the highest rates of temporary-accommodation households. Here and across our other locations in the UK, we actively seek to work with local charities and NGOs, as well as local councils and community groups, to ensure that we do what we can to contribute to the social fabric of the communities of which we are part.

All staff in the UK are given one volunteer day per year, and up to two more at their manager’s discretion. Each department sets its own volunteering goals, focusing on opportunities where its staff can have the most impact. This has included, for example:

  • helping with English, interview practice and CVs at a local women’s shelter
  • mapping some of the world’s most remote areas to facilitate aid delivery
  • working with charities to make our communities a safer place
  • partnering with Brake, a road safety charity

We are always on the look-out to partner with local charities local where we can encourage our volunteers to make a difference. Please direct any suggestions and ideas to: